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Rebecca WendlandtSewing and design have been a part of my life almost as long as I can remember. I first learned how to sew when I was five, and when I did, a realm of infinite creative possibilities was opened. I spent most of my childhood free time designing and sewing clothes for my dolls, a pastime that naturally progressed into designing and sewing clothes for myself as I got older. My passion for design led me to study fashion and textile design at the University of California, Davis, where I was first introduced to the exciting world of wearable art. For my senior signature fashion collection I designed a five piece women's eveningwear line titled "Insect Couture" inspired by the silhouettes, shapes, colors, and textures of insects and arachnids. In 2006, I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor's of Science in Fashion and Textile Design and a minor in Spanish. Later in 2006, I started my business, "Rebecca Wendlandt" and continue my work in wearable art and custom fashion design.

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